Pressure / Cover Defending

The Game

  • 2 v. 2, with goals marked out in the corner of the grid.
  • Have a regular game with periods of about 2 - 3 minutes in duration.
  • Have plenty of extra balls ready to keep the game flowing
  • Coaching Points

    Defending principles of play

  • Pressure on the ball, do not let the first attacker's head to come up
  • Second defender must cover the goal as well as be aware of the second attacker
  • First defender tries to channel the attacker into the sideline and away from the second attacker.(This is easier to do since the goals are in the corners of the grid, the sidelines come up quicker.)
  • When first defender has made the play predictable, second defender tries to double team.
  • Make sure the defenders stay balanced, that they do not become too spread out, enabling the attacking team to make "splitting passes".
  • As soon as the ball is won, can they shoot? This is the best time to do so because the attacking team is not in a good defending posture.

  • Drill List