The Game

  • Dribblers (in Red) try to dribble through the three zones occupied by the blue defenders.
  • Defenders must stay in their zones and try to kick any ball they intercept out of bounds.
  • Dribblers go three at a time. If the dribbler ahead of you in your line gets their ball knocked out, you may start right away.
  • As soon as the dribbler in front of you moves to the next zone, you can also go.
  • After beating the last defender, the dribbler must shoot the ball into the goal to get a point for their team.
  • Coaching Points

  • Good dribbling technique.
  • Look for an opening..perhaps sending a teammate in early to act as a decoy, then, when the defense opens up, take that clue to penetrate.
  • Variations

  • Put a "free zone" between each zone shown. The free zone can be 5 yeards wide.
  • Once the dribbler gets in the free zone, they can rest before they take on the next defender.
  • You can also have people that make it into the free zone, leave their ball and assist the next person to try to get past the defender by passing.

  • Drill List