1 + 2 v. 2 + 1

The Game

  • The object of this game is to get the ball from one target, A to the other, B, without losing possession.
  • Each time this is done it is worth one goal.
  • The attacking team keeps this sequence up until possession is lost (ie. they can score many goals in a row).
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, it belongs to the other team.
  • Targets can move back and forth along their line.
  • Coaching Points

    In Attack:

  • Encourages combination play between the two field players
  • Have targets look for the player farthest away.
  • Check away from the ball to create space for yourself, check back for the ball at angles.
  • Receive the ball sideways on when possible.
  • In Defense

  • Make attackers play the ball back whenever possible.
  • Keep the play in front of you.
  • Never get flat with each other.
  • Take away options for the attackers, make the play predictable.
  • : Variations

  • Limit target players to one touch.
  • Limit field players to two touches.
  • Do not allow field players to play the ball back to the target they received from.
  • Make field players play it to each other at least once before they make a goal.

  • Drill List