Two Team Keep-Away

The Game

  • Two teams of six players each. Two grids as shown.
  • Two Red players are sent into the Blue player's grid and vice versa.
  • These players are the defenders against the four remaining players.
  • The four attacking players try to split the two defenders with a pass for a goal.
  • If the two defenders win the ball and complete three passes, they take a goal away from the attacking team's total.
  • At the end of two minutes, send the two defenders back to report to their team. Record the scores of both teams.
  • Repeat sequence with two new players.
  • Coaching Points

  • Passing and receiving
  • Supporting play
  • Combination play
  • Group defending principles, pressure on the ball, cover slightly behind the pressuring defender so that splitting passes can not be made.
  • It is a good idea to let the teams manage themselves. They decide who they are going to send in to defend. This enables leadership and demands cooperation.

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