8 v. 8 To Goal

The Game

Two teams playing 8v. 8 in the middle third of the field as marked. The team in posession of the ball tries to make a pass over the cones to a teammate that is coming out of the middle third. The passed ball must proceed the player running in. Defenders can not 'track-back' to defend. Once in, the attacker can play one on one with the keeper. Play is then started in the opposite direction with the keeper playing the ball into the middle third to a teammate.

Coaching Points


  1. Good posession / penetration decisions.
  2. Playing the ball away from pressure in order to complete a 'good pass' into the final third.
  3. Combination play in order to get behind the defense.
  4. Quality of final service so that it does not go through to the keeper.


  1. Quality pressure on the ball.
  2. Group effort to 'keep the ball in front of us'
  3. Good compactness.

Try These Variations

  1. Shooter must shoot first time, or limit the number of touches he may have.
  2. If penetrating ball is a wide ball, another attacker may advance to receive a cross.
  3. Allow 2 attackers and one defender in to the final third.

Drill List