8 v. 8

8 v. 8

The Game

  1. Two teams of 8 play ~keep-away~ in the middle zone as marked.
  2. If the defending team wins the ball, they immediately try to posess it.

Coaching Points


  1. Moving with and without the ball.
  2. Angles of support.
  3. Team 'Balance.
  4. Vision.


  1. Immediate pressure when the ball is turned over.
  2. Cover.
  3. Making play predictable.
  4. Compacting space.

Try These Variations

  1. Limit attacking players to '2 touch'
  2. Create a sequence where if an attacker takes more than 2 touches, the next touch must be a 'i touch'
  3. After every fourth touch the area of play must be shifted elsewhere.

Drill List