1 v. 1 Basics

1 v. 1 Basics

The Game

  1. 2 players play 1 v. 1 inside a grid.
  2. Players outside the grid assist the practice, inserting balls when they go out and encouraging their teammates to work harder.
  3. Rotate new players every 2 minutes or so.

Try This Progression

  1. Attacking player tries to 'get behind' the defender wherever they are in the grid.
  2. Defender tries to gain possession of the ball.
  3. This is a continuous flow game, never stopping. If the attacker beats t defender, they immediately try to face the defender and beat the again.
  4. Play where the attacker tries to stop the ball on the endline.
  5. Play a game with goals on the endlines to shoot through.

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